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Healthy Living : Yoga On Indian Rooftops

After sampling spicy Indian meals for a couple of weeks. My roommate who had also fallen in love with that tingling sensation and I decided that we needed to make some changes. Only we did not know that that decision, would attract someones attention and later give us a chance to experience Indian Culture soulfully.

Thanks to awesome hosts, a lot was done for us, from house cleaning to the preparation of savoury Indian delicacies. Those dining moments of pure bliss and a little too much indulgence were followed with guilt; an urge for us to take up exercise, and most importantly a decision to reduce our portions.

We got workout shoes and skipping ropes and started our morning workout routine, which included a dance routine by Bipasha  Basu and around 10 minutes of skipping rope.

I discovered Bipasha during my Campus days as an AIESEC member, so the workouts brought awesome memories of home with all the people I would work out with.

Even with those nostalgic memories, it was no easy task to keep up. And after a while, my roomie and I started missing out on some workouts. It was in those moments of near despair that AC came to the rescue.

If you read the piece on my life-threatening experience on Indian Transport you've met AC. See, AC wore many hats. Apart from owning what we called home for months, he would occasionally wear the cook's hat as well as the tour guide's cap on our first days in India.

During my time in India, I had also taken the habit of sparing around 15 minutes a day to meditate. It made me feel lighter, happier and more inspired. Some amazing ideas crept in between those minutes of silenced thought. And now, I have a meditation diary as a result. So the thought of reviving my yoga and practicing it alongside my meditation sounded Godsent.

"There's a world within, a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty."

Charles Haanel.

I couldn't agree more.

How often do you stop, look at the sun and appreciate its presence? Well, I can't say I try; most of my mornings are usually very rushed.

Our first session was on the rooftop and AC introduced us to a Sun Salutation also known as Surya Namaskar. It was a great way to help me start my day on a high in the spirit of appreciation.

But before we move on, that sunrise threatened to leave me breathless. The fact that we were looking at it while elevated on the roof seemed to make it more spectacular.

He first took time to take us through the basics of yoga, the breathing techniques (pranayama) and the warm-up techniques that prepared our bodies for yoga.

He also talked about the chakras and tasked us with researching about kundalini yoga. The animation below shows how Surya Namaskar is done as well as its benefits. You can read more here.


AC was an inspiration to us, we learned so much from him about life. What stood out the most for us was how dedicated he was when he set out to do something. 

Some mornings when the cook was unwell, AC would wake up at 4 a.m to prepare breakfast and lunch for the 20 ladies or so that we lived with in the paying guest (PG). He would then join us for yoga at around 6 a.m and be ready before 8 a.m to tend to the PG and the other businesses he owned. His customer service was  impeccable. We were his first foreign guests and  he really worked hard to keep us comfortable.

AC's influence was so huge that my roommate ended up buying a yoga mat to use when she got back home. I, on the other hand, came up with a 20 mins yoga morning routine scheduled for 66 days  - which is the proven amount of time needed to form a habit. I'm still working on it. AC even contacted me a week ago to find out how I was as well as how my yoga practice is going.

To be continued...

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