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WAI: That's so cool! Manu Chandaria is such a big shot, how did you get to present a portrait to him?

Wanja: He was to be the main speaker in one of those days the conference was taking place. So in the conference very many people were doing IT and they had inventions. I was the only artist around, it just felt awkward. 

It was embarrassing you'd meet someone and they say I invented a machine and it can do this and I'm like Oh my God... And then someone would ask me so what do you do then I'd say I do portraits and I sell to people. Then they'd ask me, is that all you do?

I wanted to change the mentality of I'm just an artist and you guys are IT gurus and all. So because he was coming the following day. I went home and searched for a picture online then drew it overnight and gave it to him the following day.

Hehe I remember I really struggled and then I was so late for the conference that day. But I actually gave it to him and he was so excited. I changed that mentality by proving that artists are just as good as people doing IT. Art is a profession too. People need to start taking us seriously as artists.

So guys after reading about Wanja and her bold and passionate journey I hope you have drawn some inspiration. Keep in mind that we are all creative. After all we were all once kids and as Pablo Picasso put it so well... "Every child is an artist. The only problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." How are you remaining an artist?

AA (Auspicious Art) 
Wendi Mutisya

I hope you Enjoyed the dive.

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