Hey, I'm Wendi, a Kenyan Game Writer and Visual Artist. I studied Information Systems Technology at United States International University- Africa.

The course is a fusion of technology and business,  and through my time on Campus, I got to do numerous portraits for my friends and their friends. Over those years I grew passionate about Art and it's fusion with Technology which led to the birth of Wendi Art IT (pronounced as wendiatit.)

I hope to express my creativity in all ways possible and to extend that creativity to you. I would also like to use this platform to inspire. I believe we all need some inspiration especially when we are pursuing what we are passionate about.

I will share my experiences as a multi-talented Creative Entrepreneur as well as talk about great Artists, Game Developers, Immersive Tech people, Filmmakers, Animators and their pieces.

This is in an effort to create as well as enhance the existing appreciation of the visual arts, games, immersive technologies, films and animations created in my country, continent and ultimately around the Globe.

So feel free to join me on this journey of discovery, experimentation, passion, zeal and imagination. You may subscribe to my blog via email to get updates every time there's a new article.

Thank you for your time.

Sending love and light
Wendi Ndaki.


Hack Ur Culture Hackathon awarded 2nd Most Compelling project and a free screening at Fakugesi Festival 2020
Hack Ur Culture Hackathon grant to build The Nest Collectives' Strictly Silk Event website
BlackRhinoVR XR Hackathon awarded 2nd Position

Speaking Engagements

Speaker at the Munich Media Days 2019
Speaker at AfroGamer 2020
Moderator at Africacomicade's Gamathon 2020
Speaker at Fakugesi Festival 2020
Speaker at Jibambe Na Tec Festival 2020
Speaker at US Embassy Civic Education Project: Kura Yako Sauti Yako 2021

Artist Activities

Game Writer for Jiwe Studios
Game Writer for DopeApps
Freelance Writer for Games Industry Africa
Freelance Writer for LudiqueWorks
Transcriber for Ng'endo Studios
Art Instructor at GLOMADO
Web Designer for Ng'endo Studios, Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language and Disability Access and 
Nest Collectives Strictly Silk Event website.
Creative Writer and XR Developer at Africacomicade
Content Creator at Enter Africa Nairobi
XR Development Trainee at BlackRhino VR's Moran StoryLab

Contact details:

LinkedIn: Wendi Ndaki

Facebook: Wendi Art IT 

Twitter: @wendiartit

Instagram  @wendiartit

YouTube: Wendi Art IT

Email: wendiartit@gmail.com

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