Olivier Madiba’s Kiro’o Games is building a Pan-African entertainment ecosystem

Kiro’o Games is an ambitious game development company based in Yaounde, Cameroon. Founder and CEO Olivier Madiba is pursuing his dream of creating the biggest African game studio by building a Pan-African entertainment ecosystem which encapsulates games, comics, animation and even restaurants. This is his story. 

Olivier Madiba recalls playing games on warm sunny afternoons at his grandmother’s home with a spark in his eyes. These are some of his fondest childhood memories. It was during those moments, captivated by the epic boss fights and voice acting in Final Fantasy 7, that Madiba’s deep love for video games was ignited. When he turned 17 he started his game development journey, determined to create games that would evoke euphoria and give other people a glimpse of what he felt while playing his favourite games.

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