Kesho Pia Ni Siku

Kesho pia ni siku is Swahili and loosely translates to tomorrow is a new day.

My mentor Ng'endo Mukii over the December holidays hired me for some transcription work.

I have done a couple of transcription work for her but this one was a little special.

I got to listen to her conversations with her mother a strong and very inspiring woman entrepreneur.

The stories shared were deep and emotional and I am humbled to have had a chance to listen to them raw as they were before they were trimmed into a few minutes.

As an entrepreneur, it inspired me to keep on going and as a woman, it taught me how resilient women can be and to literally keep at it. 

The following is the beautiful output by Ng'endo of these beautiful conversations coloured by the beautiful African fabric that Njeri Mereka sells. Click the image below to open the clip. Enjoy!


Joy Ruguru said...

Love the video you shared. Very well told and animated. Kesho pia ni siku

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks for checking it out Joy. Indeed! kesho pia ni siku

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