How to Use Gamification to Impact Special Needs Lives.

Alistair was born without his sense of hearing. Doctors diagnosed him deaf but there was something else. He was different from the other hearing-impaired children; hyperactive and unable to grasp sign language. His caregiver Angela, felt like she had failed him.

One day, his teacher planned a trip to the mall and Angela panicked, but the teacher was sure her method would work. So 3 days before the trip, she realized that in order to penetrate Alistair's "defences", she needed to give him information. Information on what was going to happen to him.

They showed him images of the things he would experience on that day: an image of getting into the car, driving to the mall, arriving at the mall, browsing through the stores, getting back to the car, driving back to school and then going back home. 

Alistair was unusually calm on the day they went to the mall...Click this link to read the rest of this piece


Bibs said...

this is a very good educational piece. people with special needs have been left behind in so many things and its important to think of them when people come up new products and services

Wendi Ndaki said...

So true Bibs we need to have everyone in mind when designing our products and services. Thank you for reading.

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