How to Build Enlightened Wealth As A Creative Entrepreneur

"You arrived here on planet Earth encoded with divine DNA -  a specific set of talents, gifts, opportunities, connections, and sensitivities.

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We believe you have a destiny to fulfill. There is music in you, a song you are destined to sing, or instrument you are destined to play in the symphony of life.

Some people discover their destiny quickly, some people take decades to do so, and others never even look for it. When you tap into this pure vein of gold you become the person you were born to be." - Mark and Robert

Now join me in the journey of discovering our divine life path through a book whose entire theme is the higher power's approach to business success.

Higher power, God, the Creator, Source, we have different names for the Supreme Being that created us and cares for our well being.

Higher power should be the center of everything we do in business. We should think of how Higher power would treat our customers, how they would create our products and how they would give back to society.

The following are 5 business lessons that, as a Creative Entrepreneur, resonated with me. These lessons are from the enlightening book Cracking the Millionaire Code by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen.

1. Lesson One: Giving 

According to the book, we should think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege because other than amplifying the fact that we have enough to spare, giving lubricates the process of wealth building. 

Giving to me comes in many forms. One is creating a business solution that serves many people -another is finding ways to make people's lives a little better through monetary or in-kind donations.  This explains why most successful businesses have vibrant CSR programs.

It is a trend among the ultra-rich to have foundations where the surplus of what they have earned goes to charities in order to help other people. Oprah once said "when more is given, more is required" and she lives by example.

2. Lesson Two: Finding Your Purpose

The destiny code is your purpose in life. The music you were meant to sing in the symphony of the universe.

It took Oprah Winfrey's demotion from a lofty news anchor position - which she did not like anyway - to a stagnating talk show no one watched at that time, for her to discover her destiny.

At first, when she started the talk show, she was made to interview a couple with their child. The cheating husband confessed in front of the national TV that his girlfriend was pregnant and Oprah saw the humiliation in his wife's face. And that was when she decided that enough was enough.

She decided that she would not let TV use her but rather she would use TV to impact people's lives positively. She continues to do so using new media like YouTube even after a successful 25 years as a TV talk show host.

It is important to know that at times your destiny is shown to you in disguise. In Oprah's case, hers was what her boss thought was a demotion. Yours could be a lay off that led you to follow your passion of cooking that you were putting off for the future which never seemed to come.

The book also reminds us that we need a team and that there are people who are destined to be in our team. They will help us fulfill our destiny and we will help them fulfill theirs.

3. Lesson three: Finding Your Winners Circle

The authors introduce an interesting term in the book. The ANGELS code refers to the team of people working with you on your business. We need a strong team and they need us. It is good to have a team of people who are positive, forward-thinking and who have a track record for success.

One action step would be to come up with a list of people and start contacting them on whether they would be interested in collaborating on your joint business idea.

ANGELS stands for

Access to assets - The access to capital and financial assets your team members have.
Network capital - The people that your team members know.
Genius capital - The talents, gifts, and creativity of your team members.
Experience capital - The educational background as well as the street smarts of these members.
Light capital - Do they have a giving spirit and a strong belief in a higher power?
Serendestiny capital - What are their current opportunities and what does the future hold for them?

Use these to determine the right people to put in your dream team.

4. Lesson Four: Finding Multiple Revenue Streams

As a freelance artist and creative entrepreneur, I learned that there are multiple ways of earning from a single product.
These multiple ways can be summarised by the acronym PRISM

PRISM stands for 

Primary products
Related products
Services &

Say for instance your Primary product is a car; you could get another revenue stream from selling Related products such as spare parts of the car.

In order to ensure that your clients are satisfied with your product, you would want to share Information with them in the form of user training videos that show them how to use their cars in the best way possible.

You could also add to your revenue stream by creating Services that make the product easier to use. In this case, that could be car repairs and insurance.

Finally, through different Media, you can sell experiences through entertaining car events such as races and auto shows.

 5. Lesson Five: Treating Your Customers Like STARS

The star code is discovering and serving a special group of customers and treating them like the stars they are. According to this book, most of the startups that succeed are those whose owners focussed on this code.

A good example of treating customers like STARS would be a story I heard from an audiobook I listened to a while ago about someone, let's call him Sam.

Sam had gone to a bar to watch a baseball match. He found the bar TV already tuned to another sports channel.

 Since he was the only one at the bar at that time, he requested the waiter to change the channel to the one that was airing his favorite baseball match.

The waiter did and then proceeded to serve him his burger and drinks. Later on, as the bar started filling up, the TV was automatically tuned to the channel he had found on.

 So when the waiter noticed, he went to Sam and told him that it was not fair because he was the first one there and should be able to continue watching his game.

Not wanting to stir up the crowd that had gathered at the bar, Sam told the waiter that it was fine. He was willing to move to another room that had no one in it to continue watching the match.

The waiter went on and changed the channel to the baseball match anyway. He also took the remote, removed the batteries from the remote, and gave them to Sam.

After hearing this story, I could not help but imagine the reaction from the other customers - and smile at how special Sam must have felt.

It is said that Sam did not enjoy the burger from the bar, but he left that place with a lasting impression and a great story to tell.


All these lessons are strongly dependent on finding one's divine life path and I believe everything else gets better with time after that.

At the moment you are able to start giving even if it is in the form of volunteering your skills and talents.

You are also able to find a team of passionate friends to work with on a primary product as well as those that are linked to it. Remember PRISM?

And once you start earning loads from these multiple revenue streams, you are able to give back monetarily or by building platforms that share tips on how you made it work for you.

You can also start treating your customers like the stars they actually are.  I believe the business will keep coming back to you because of how special you make them feel.

It's a whole cycle people!

So join me this new decade in implementing these lessons into our Creative endeavors. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's crack that Millionaire code.


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