Virtual Reality in Kenya

My first virtual reality (VR) experience was surreal. I remember spinning around in the chair I sat on, looking up and down to take it all in. Virtual reality, simply put is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the fictional world of the character in the film. Once you wear the VR headset, that's it. You look up, look down, look behind virtually look everywhere and you see what the character is seeing.

Ng'endo Mukii's award-winning film 'Nairobi Berries' was my first. Not only did it feel like I was in another dimension, but I also got lost in this dreamlike state just like the other characters. I believe with time it will be easier to watch VR films so I won't give you any spoilers. Only that it was the dopest experience I have had in my life.

Photo Credit: She Album

Speaking of ease and VR, did you know that Muthoni the Drummer Queen (MDQ) recently released the very first VR music video in Kenya? Well, she did. And courtesy of her partnership with BlackRhinoVR a Kenyan based VR production company, loads of enthusiastic fans - myself included - matched into Garden City Mall to watch the new music video for free.

A friend fully immersed 

The film was so engaging and fun. MDQ's lyrics guided me on where to look next and it felt like being in outer space the whole time. Like you're an astronaut floating around looking at multiple screens and waiting for MDQ to tell you what to do next. That's it no more spoilers - you will get to watch the video soon enough I bet. 

Virtual reality is penetrating the Kenyan Arts and Entertainment industry in record speed. I can't wait to see the kind of transformations it will carry forward, because I believe it's here to stay. Just like everything new we should take it in with precaution - watching something fictional so close to your eyes for more than 20 minutes might cause eye as well as psychological problems in the future. So as we embrace the new and awesome, let's take it in with moderation. That said, I promise all those who are yet to watch a VR film, your first will be surreal. If you have watched one before feel free to share how your experience was.


Unknown said...

That was an amazing experience😃. I cant't wait to try it too.

Wendi Ndaki said...

It really was Lucky :). I hope you get to experience it soon.

James Anthony said...

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Wendi Ndaki said...

I agree James. Thanks for reading.

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