Meet Wanja: Learn How Her Simple Artistic Idea Won 100 Grand

She and I have lived in the same neighborhood and known each other since we were kids, yet for some reason I never knew she could draw until recently. See I was scrolling through my facebook feed and that's when I saw it...

It, was a picture of Wanja receiving a 100 grand dummy cheque from a mentor at the BLAZE Summit Eldoret edition. I was as surprised as I was happy for her.
In the interview below Wanja tells us about her journey as an artist which started more than a decade ago. The reasons why she took a couple of breaks in between, how she met some influential people thanks to her craft and the icing on the cake what idea won her 100 grand.

Meet Wanja Wa Wangeci and let's dive into her artistic world for a bit, shall we? Happy swimming 🏊. 

WAI stands for Wendi Art IT.

WAI: When did you discover you have artistic talent?

Wanja: In 2004 when I was in class 4, you get these maps that you are told to draw ... Yeah, I used to draw them so well that my friends would make me draw for them. That's when I realized, I was the artist in the class. It all started from there, then I started drawing cartoons.

WAI: That was Primary school did you move on to study art?

Wanja: No no, in fact I actually stopped drawing at some point, because I thought of it as just a hobby, something you do for fun. So I started again in 2016, when I joined an art school at Kasarani. I learnt about the school via facebook and since I was still in Eldoret, I joined the art school properly early this year when I was in for my holidays. I'm in my final year studying entrepreneurship at Moi University

WAI: What type of art do you like creating?

Wanja: I like drawing cartoons and creating charcoal and pencil art pieces. I do portraits too it's a way I use to maintain myself in campus. I draw for people and sell.

WAI: How do you market your artwork?

Wanja: I use facebook a lot and when I'm in a gathering where my friends are, I introduce myself as an artist. At school I subsidize the prices and the students are my main customers. They order, then come and buy from me and life moves on.

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Mwende said...

This is inspiring, she is an exceptional artist.I wish her all the best in her Artistic journey

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks for reading 🙂. I agree. She's going to do great things with her idea, I can feel it.

Unknown said...

Amazing. She's always been my mentor.

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks for reading Maru and I bet she is a great mentor to have.

Unknown said...

Thank you Wendy...God bless you.

Wendi Ndaki said...

It was my pleasure. God bless you too.

Unknown said...

Inspiring, I love the story, it feels like she is motivating me to keep going

Unknown said...

This is amazing

Wendi Ndaki said...

I'm really glad her story has that effect on you 🙂 Ray.

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks for reading Abdul. It really is.

Christine said...

A nice piece about Wanja and her Art. I wish her all the best.

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks for reading Mum, I believe she has received your blessings :).

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