Uniting Africans Through Music

If you were given a chance to insure a body part what part would that be for you? I think for Yemi Alade her lips would be it. 

Why do I think that you may ask. Well I heard that lip roll exercises help people sing better and reduce strain on the vocal cords.

Truth is I'm a bit biased as a visual artist. If only I could draw her vocals :).

These are steps towards the final piece of Yemi Alade's portrait. You may maximize for a better view.

Her songs have a profound effect on me. I remember how her song Africa featuring Sauti Sol  kept me company  during the wee hours of one morning after some nerve wrecking events that interrupted my sleep. The full story can be found here.

See Yemi Alade is a darling, she knows how to win peoples hearts. For me and many other  Kenyans it was as simple as translating her song Na Gode to Swahili. While for french speaking Africans it was the  translation of her song Kissing to french,

Language has an integral part in our societies because it gives us a chance to understand one another. Yemi Alade understands this and embodies other cultures outside her Nigerian roots through language and dress . These simple acts go a long way. They make what she does with her songs  a uniting force for Africans. Which is nothing short of amazing.

I hope that one day just like Yemi Alade  I will find a way to use my art to unite Africans.

AA(Auspicious Art)
Wendi Mutisya


Unknown said...

Keep up with the great work Ndax..from your number one fan all the way����

Wendi Ndaki said...

Aaaw thanks 😊

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