Phenomenal Woman

I heard a song a couple of days ago and right there and then I pressed the replay button . I think I drove my sister crazy though 😜 . It was a classic case of music obsession. 

 Having recently enrolled for  animation classes I had no idea I would be learning how to create music too. Well mostly melodies and sound tracks but music all the same.

So now I am more keen when I listen to music just incase I spot a tune that inspires me for my class project.

A portrait of Fena Gitu

Although I feel like she ought to get more airplay she

is Fena-menal indeed.

She got me  humming, singing and listening to this chorus over and over again .
"Nampenda mpenda, nani? nampenda mpenda, nani? kijana mmoja, nani?
kijana mmoja, nani? a sikuli, nani? a siogi, nani? Nampenda mpenda,nampenda mpenda."

The words are in swahili and they simply repeat the fact that she loves someone and when asked who it is she says that it's this guy that makes her not eat and not shower 😂.

It is  a lovely song and although it has been out for a while now,  I had no idea until a couple of days ago. Has that happened to you before? It was a pleasant discovery. 

Her songs and music videos bring back great childhood memories as she incorporates clips of games we played and lyrics to songs we used to sing as kids.

A good example being what you just listened to. Have you listened to it though? Please do, and another example being her music video Brikicho where you see children playing hide and seek. Maybe that's why I could not stop listening to her song. It brought so many good vibes.

So join me today in celebrating this phenomenal woman Fena Gitu. I will make a point to keep myself updated on her songs, both new and old. I hope you do so too.

AA(Auspicious Art)
Wendi Mutisya


Mwende said...

Fena is truly phenomenal. Lovely piece Ndax:)

Unknown said...

Fena keeps it real, just like you. You have something in common

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thank you shishi indeed she is.

Wendi Ndaki said...

Aaaaw that's the sweetest thing I've heard today. Thanks a lot Raymond :)

Unknown said...

I wasn't opportuned to watch her performance during Mr & Miss because of my backstage duties. Yes, she's truly amazing

Wendi Ndaki said...

Sorry about that.You guy's did a great job organizing that particular Mr and Miss USIU-A though.We really enjoyed her performance 😎.

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