My Art World- Through the Words of an Award Winner

Deep in Thought (Charcoal on Paper)
 by Allan Madegwa

"As a child I used to get any adult I could find to read me the comic segment on the magazines or newspapers I saw and managed to get my hands on.

The images on these comic segments fascinated me especially in the way they communicated to me. It is then, at that tender age that I figured this would be my means of expression.

A 20 year old student at Kenyatta University pursuing a degree in Fine Art and History. I'm an animator practising character design, concept design, story board and clean-up.

My fascination with drawing was fueled by my mother who is also an artist. Early schooldays did not encourage the development of the skill since art was not offered in the curriculum. I'd however draw for fun and also in a bid to be considered among the cool kids in class :).

 Potrait of Kalemera (Pen on Paper)
by Allan Madegwa

High School had me encounter the likes of  Mr. Shikanga, my Art teacher, who introduced me to the academic side of art. He contributed to my style thus influencing and boosting my imagination and creativity. 

Ms. Mwiti one of my Lecturers in Campus teaches us on the possibilities that line has on a blank surface and encourages it's use. Research led me to stumble upon a book known as Drawn to life. It's Author Stanchfield Walt uses line to express gesture, emotion and motion

 Glen Keane an American Author and Animator used line in the creation of the 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Tarzan' and 'The Little Mermaid'. Kim Jung Gi a Korean Artist confirmed the possibilites of line work and encouraged me to come up with a style of my own. These incidences made it clear that my path is in animation.

From then on I have always combined new knowledge and influences to a chosen scenario and the results have always been amazing.

Friends Paula Karanja, Edna Taabu and Nancy Chela

encourage creativity and keep the creatives on their toes. They influence my work and keep the dream of an African Animation Powerhouse alive.

I recently participated in a  project at GESCI AKE,

my first full animation, and it stretched my limits, possibilities and skills. I loved every bit of its production and I am open to new animation adventures because they are chances to learn and become the best.

My plan for the next five years are going to be geared towards building experience and gathering of knowledge to be applied in the next phase for the achievement of my ten year plan by which  talented youths can get employment or create employment through animation. Thus telling Our stories to the World, through the pictures and  animations we make."

Sunday Afternoon in Shauri Moyo (Ink on Paper)
by Allan Madegwa

I met Allan Madegwa at the MASK Award Ceremony

which was held at the Micheal Joseph Art Center Nairobi on the 23rd of June. We clicked the moment we met and sparked a conversation. I had no idea he was an awardee until later on. The three pieces above were his award winning pieces. His passion was evident in the stories he told me about his experience as an artist and that led me to ask him whether I could feature him on my blog. To my delight he  agreed instantly without any hesitation.I also got to meet Paula Karanja one of his great artistic friends. Who worked on an animation project that won her a MASK award the previous year. Clearly birds of a feather flock together :).

A video of Paula's Award Winning Art Piece that was converted to an animation titled: 
What the Noice Gave Me

I would like to thank Allan for his acceptance to be featured on my blog. I would also like to thank  Alla Tkachuk the director of MASK for her invitation to the 2016 MASK Award Ceremony. It was an amazing experience and thanks to that invitation I got to meet many like minded and inspiring artists.

Wendi Mutisya

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Video credits:
MASKcharity YouTube Channel


Mask Prize said...

Thank you for this great blog, and a story of a young man's journey to find his means to communicate to the world his ideas and values. Not many in Kenya know that art is on the curriculum in primary schools, it is compulsory, only it is not taught. Teachers! Why??

Wendi Mutisya said...

I'm glad you liked it. I had no idea that Art is compulsory on the Kenyan Primary School Curriculum. I guess I need to do my research more. I really wonder why it is not taught.

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Wendi Ndaki said...

Thanks Mickey

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