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Ever felt stuck? ... for John, stuck led him from deep-seated pain to blinding insight.The painful experiences he encountered became inner doorways to unseen opportunities.

Due to epileptic fits John started loosing his vision when he was in his teenage years.This was just about the same time I also started experiencing eye problems. The peak of my eye trouble being this morning, a day before my final practical art paper in high school.

I had never been so freaked out. I felt stuck. Am I going blind? was the question that lingered on my mind.

Sun rays pierced through my eyes like sharp needles. I had blurry vision and my eyes turned deep red. This time, there was no way the school nurse would let my condition go unattended. 

Seeing that I was in boarding school Mum had to be called. She rushed me to Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital.

The long queues din't phase me this time round cause I wasn't looking. I had to keep my eyes shut cause I was afraid that I'd behave like I'd lost my sanity if I opened them.

That my glimpse on how life would be if I lost my sight.

After what seemed like centuries I finally got to see her. The lady ophthalmologist who prescribed meds that I took almost immediately in a bid to relieve myself from the excruciating pain.

The pain now mild I was able to sit for my 4 hour art exam the following day. I'd never felt more grateful for my eyesight.

Painful eye allergies and infections kick in every now and then... but I don't sob and complain like I used to before that instance, that one morning, a day before my final practical art paper in high school.

It took that really painful experience to teach me how to handle my eye condition with grace.  My eyes are not as clear as I'd want them to be but I'm blessed with sight. I get tired wearing spects sometimes too but again I'm blessed with sight.

John Bramblitt's story took a sharp turn from mine when he turned 30 and completely lost his sight.

This led to depression. A deep-seated depression that later led to the discovery of a gift. A gift he was not aware existed within.

Video Length 2 minutes 30 seconds

A short video on John Bramblitt's resilience after going blind

We all have our versions of stuck and it is how we choose to handle them that either liberates or confines. Care to share yours? You never know who will read it and get inspired by your story. All the same I hope that you will use your stuck to liberate yourself.

Wendi Mutisya

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Video credits:
CBS YouTube Channel


Joy Mukami said...

Wow! This guy has really inspired me today. He can make such beautiful art and he is blind, what can we not do?

Wendi Mutisya said...

I agree with you Joy what can we not do if a blind man can paint.

priscah said...

This is so inspiring girl, wow. Keep it up

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thanks Priscah :).

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