The Art Exhibition at Garden City Mall Nairobi.

How often do you appreciate the fact that you are blessed with eye sight? Well they say it's good to have an attitude of gratitude and what better way to appreciate your eyes than by attending art exhibitions and feasting them on eye candy art pieces.

The Garden City Mall was graced with a visual art showcase from the 14th to the 24th of April. It was a grand opportunity for the artists as well as the mall. The mall is fairly new and would benefit from the traffic the art exhibition would bring in and the artists on the other hand got free exhibition space, exposure and a chance to make some sales.I would like to bring the whole experience to you this time round. I hope you will feel the warmth these pieces brought to the Mall from the pictures in the slideshows below.

The Art Exhibition in a nutshell. (You may maximize the slideshow for a better view)

Jude standing next to Clavers' portrait of Suzanna Owiyo
I have Jude to thank for informing me about the exhibition and encouraging me to register since I was a bit hesitant. Why was I hesitant? you may ask. Well, the event was already underway and I had very few pieces to display as I had stopped drawing for a while to focus on schoolwork and exams that were ongoing when the event started.

My exhibition desk ( You may maximize to see a clearer version of my drawings)

On my second day at the exhibition I decided to display printouts of my pieces that were already sold out and focus on connecting with the people that passed by. With time I got people commissioning for portraits saying they were impressed by my pointillism technique(which involves drawing with dots). That definitely made me excited and pleased that I had confronted my fears and used the few pieces I had.

Eight art galleries and studios were present as listed below and each had unique pieces.
i) The Art Space
ii) Little Art Gallery
iii) Pro Craft Africa
iv) Brush Tu Art Studio
v) Educultural Arts Kenya
vi) Eric Gitonga Photography
vii) Creative Garage &
viii) Sculpture Kenya
Numerous awesome artists were represented by these galleries but I will only sample a few.

Clavers Odhiambo is a Kenyan Visual artist whose work was exhibited courtesy of the Little Art Gallery. He is self taught and his work revolves around human figures, emotions and facial expressions.

Ralf H. Graf is an artist I got to meet during the exhibition. He has a lot of experience and you can check out his site here. I fell in love with his paintography pieces the first time I saw them. Paintography as the name suggests is a combination of painting and photography. I learnt from Ralf that photographs are usually a bit distorted and that paintography strives to make the photograph more like the real thing.

Evans Yegon also known as Yegonizer also had his pieces displayed courtesy of the Little Art Gallery. He is a contemporary artist based at the Go Down Art Center. His pieces are very colorful and they great you with warmth every time you look at them.

Lukwago Saad is an artist based in Uganda. He studied Art and Design at Kyambogo University. Through experimentation he came up with what is now known as FEK FEK Art. It borrows from various visual art techniques such as graffiti, cartoon and print making. The eye in all his pieces stands out and serves as an instrument of individualization. His pieces were there courtesy of The Art Space.

We have amazing artists amongst us and it is good to show some love every now and then by attending art exhibitions. Who knows you may fall in love with some pieces and end up buying or even better commissioning for some unique ones of your own. That said, I will leave you with the following quote.

"Works of art often last forever, or nearly so. But exhibitions themselves especially gallery exhibitions, are like flowers; they bloom and then they die, then exist only as memories, or pressed in magazines and books."
Jerry Saltz

Wendi Mutisya


Joy Ruguru said...

I remember being in awe of Yegonizer's bright paintings and Claver's realistic ones in Garden City. Thanks for the reminder!
And oh, I love your pointillistic(is that a word) pieces. Especially the new colored ones :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hey, Joy your welcome :). Yegonizer and Clavers are really talented.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hehehe yeah pointillistic still defines it and thank you for that. It means a lot.

wambui muchai said...

This is amazing. You are going places girl. Good work

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you for your encouraging words Wams :).

Clavers Odhiambo said...

Beautiful work, Wendy, we really appreciate your work.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Clavers. I love your work too.

Willie Mwangi said...

Hi Wendy , i've only been to one one art expedition ( 2017 , Kenya Art Fair at sarit center) . After reading this ,am motivated to attend more .

Wendi Ndaki said...

Hey Willie, I'm glad this article had that effect on you. You should definitely attend more art exhibitions.

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