Infant Elephants that Paint. (Animal series)

Baby elephants can do a lot of things that baby humans can, after all they are both mammals. Furthermore, research shows that elephants are among the most intelligent animals in the World.

A video of a baby painting is adorable and very pleasant to look at. A video of an elephant doing the same on the other hand makes jaws drop with awe. At least that's what happened to me when I saw the video below.

Video length 5 minutes 11 seconds

A video of Suda an elephant in Thailand painting an elephant :)

Baby Elephants in
Nairobi National park playing football.

As intelligent as these beautiful animals may be there are deep underlying stories behind how they behave in comparison to the elephants that live in the wild.

Skeptics say that these elephants that paint do not do it out of their free will but rather in an effort to avoid punishment. They say that they are taken from their mothers while very young and forcefully trained to become painters. I believe in treating animals with the care and respect they deserve and if this is true I hope that something will be done about it.

Video length 3 minutes 32 seconds

A video about rescued baby elephants in Kenya

Wendi means hope and love in the meru and kamba dialects respectively. As seen in the video my little namesake took up a huge responsibility as the Matriarchal leader of the little ones in the Elephant Orphanage.

Her story is that of both, love and hope. In 2002 Wendi was found lying nearly dead beside a waterhole in Imenti Forest she owes her life to the love her keepers at the orphanage showed her as well as a blood transfusion she got from another older elephant called Thoma.

In return for the kindness she was shown she gave hope to the little elephants that joined the orphanage when she grew a bit older. Most of these little elephants came in traumatized after seeing their mother's killed for their tusks. Her tough experience made it easier for her to relate and act as a mother figure to them until it was time for her to be released into the wild.

Wendi is now 14 years old and lives in the wild. She recently gave birth and her baby is called Wiva. What fascinates me the most is that she made sure she passed by the orphanage to introduce her new baby to her other family, her human family. I mean how amazing is that? :)

Video length 1 minute 17 seconds

A video of Wendi and her baby.

It is clear Elephants are intelligent animals and that they too can be inspiring.I hope that those of us who have always wanted to try out painting will feel challenged to do so. It is also my prayer that poaching will one day seize to exist.

Wendi Mutisya

Video credits:
David Lawson YouTube channel
BBC Worldwide YouTube channel
dswtkenya YouTube channel


Joy Mukami said...

An elephant kicking a football is probably the best thing I have watched today. It is so touching to see humans taking care of baby elephants like that.
For elephants to be trained to paint that well, it truly shows how intelligent they are.

Wendi Mutisya said...

I agree with you Joy. Elephants are truly amazing. That video with the Elephant making the back kick also made my day :).

Wendi Mutisya said...

There are numerous things to be grateful about the relationship of humans and animals. The story of the rescued calves is just inspiring. The fact that an Elephant can paint is also fascinating. However,the procedure used to train them is the sad part.

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