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Can creativity be learned? and is it true that innovation is key to economic growth? Well, the answer to both of these questions is yes.

Creativity can be learned because it is a skill like any other and according to some leading business executives, in order to be creative you need to develop the ability to identify problems and create original solutions. You should be able to maintain a childlike curiosity and visualize a spectacular future that leads you to take risks head on so as to establish ways of bringing that spectacular vision to life.

According to Margareta Drzeniek Head of competitiveness of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2014/2015. Innovation increases productivity in economies thus driving growth. Mobile money is a great example of how technology infrastructure is being used in Africa to promote growth.

Over the years it has been proven that the arts are the main courses that develop the creative skills. However only 10-17% of high schools in United States, offer the arts. On the other hand only 2% of high schools in Kenya offer art courses.

All hope is not lost though, institutions such as The Mobile Art School in Kenya(MASK)an NGO have come to the rescue. MASK was founded in 2007 and since then it has developed effective creativity teaching and learning programmes. It provides art education in primary and secondary schools in Kenya and has developed entrepreneurs, leaders and even a patent registering scientist!

With that said I would like to introduce four amazing artists two from MASK and the other two from The University of the Creative Arts(UCA)England. I hope their paintings and animations will have a positive effect on you like they had on me.

The title of this painting is Adore Woman by Edwin Wainaina.

I wonder what was going through your mind Edwin when you created this lovely piece. It captured my attention instantly and I could not help but stare in amazement. Your bold use of color gives the impression of your respect for women and I am honored to be writing about you and your piece.

According to Albert Einstein " Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought". That is where you come in Samantha. Your ability to recreate and enhance this piece through animation is mind blowing. After watching it I felt like I had a glimpse of what went through your mind the first time you saw the painting.

An animation of Adore Woman by Samantha Niemczyk.

This next piece is titled Greener Pastures and the Colors of Youth by Churchill Ongere

Now, Churchill your piece reminds me of how it was when I used to teach children how to draw. The look on their faces while they drew and painted passionately was priceless. I remember how I used to smile till my jaws ached when they called me Teacher Wendi and asked for some guidance. The pain of joy is always welcome in my life and that is exactly what your piece brought my way. So thank you.

Your animation Emily makes me want to stand up and dance. To be honest I totally did not expect what I saw. I mean you used these simple elements as though they were pieces of a puzzle finding their way to represent different things within a span of seconds. Incredible work!! I am very impressed.

An animation of Greener Pastures and the Colors of Youth by Emily Clarkson.

As illustrated by these four great artists the fusion of art and technology has the ability to create amazing results. The art scene is truly changing at a fast rate and with the knowledge of creativity being a skill that can be learned we can also find ways to learn it and join in on this amazing new trend. In conclusion I would like to thank Alla Tkachuk the Director of MASK for giving me the go ahead to create this post. Your efforts have truly bore fruit and I wish you and the rest of the MASK members the best in all your endeavors.

Wendi Mutisya


Jonathan Kibet said...

Very inspiring

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Jonathan.

Joy Ruguru said...

I really like the Greener Pastures animation. Definitely put a smile on my face

Wendi Mutisya said...

Glad it had that effect on you Joy. It is really entertaining. I could feel my face light up too. Emily is really talented.

Jude M said...

I totally agree with you Wendy the animations were superb, they bring life into the art pieces.
Lovely article :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Jude :).

John Kilili said...

Hi Wendi, nice piece. I'm an art lover.

I have a question though, What makes art valuable?

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hi John, thank you :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

There are certain factors that go into valuing art and they are:
i)How much the materials that were used to create the artwork cost.
ii)The working hours that went into finishing the artwork.
iii)Value of that type of artwork in the Market.
iv)The opinion of experienced Gallery Directors and Critiques can also help an artist value their piece.

Wendi Mutisya said...

I hope that answers your question John.

Unknown said...


Wendi Ndaki said...

Thank you Rosina.

lauren zaoui said...

Thanks for sharing this post with us. Curiosity, birth the creativity. As we know, Creativity visulisation may be learned, if you have need to develop the ability to identify problems and create original solutions. Your ability to recreate and enhance your creativity.

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