Zawadi Mutheu

Zawadi means a gift in Swahili and Mutheu means the clean one in Kamba. Zadady as we used to call her will always be our divine gift.This piece is dedicated to her and to my mother this women's day.

Your laughter was infectious and your smile so sweet. You came to our lives as a surprise, a pleasant surprise. You were the type of baby who warmed up to strangers so easily, one would think you had met them before.

Yours was a short life but the impact you left behind is immeasurable.Our bond as a family grew stronger as a result of your presence. A present in our lives that we treasured and will always treasure.

This Valentines eve we spent some time with you. We traveled upcountry and went by your graveside to pray and plant some flowers and trees. We do this every year in memory of your life with us.

It is during moments such as these that I appreciate the time we spend together as a family. It is a reminder that we are blessed. Blessed to have had you as a small sister, a daughter to Mum and Dad and blessed to have this chance to spend time with you.

Before the sun set we walked around Tala taking in the breathtaking scenery. At some point we could not help but take some photos.

Your sisters feeling your presence in the fields.

Kilima Mbogo

We believe that you are in a better place. I still see you. Today I smiled at a little girl on my way to work and she smiled back. I could see your smile in hers and that way I know you are always with us wherever we go. We love you Zadady.

Wendi Mutisya


christine maingi said...

You have said it for me!!!
Thank you for dedicating this beautiful piece to Zadady and thank you for dedicating it to me too!
Something you have never known:- I once started writing a decidation to Zadady but it was too "HEAVY" on me and I stopped. I am so glad that you have done it for me and that you have put it so well.
For sure Zadady is "in a better place"
Once again thank you and God Bless.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Your welcome Mum :). It was not easy for me to post this particular piece either I understand what you went through.Thank you too for being so strong for all of us and for being the awesome mother you are. Zadady truly is at a better place.

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