How Seeking Inspiration can Help You Follow Your Passion.

Inspiration makes the perspiration more bearable right?

I bet you are wondering where I am taking you. I love using rhyming words.On a serious note though, inspiration is said to be the key that unlocked the creative juices in the greats, those whose legacies reign for centuries.

It is like the spark that ignites a match stick, so small yet so strong.

Artists, writers, dancers, musicians just to mention a few, seek this little spark and it presents itself in many ways. It could be that beat that keeps playing on and on in your mind causing you to pick your dancing shoes and get jiggy with it :) or not.

One thing I know for sure is that following your passion comes with its share of sweat and pain and when things seem to be going down hill it helps to seek that spark.At times it lies "within"and it only takes some meditation or a walk in the park for you to get in touch with it.It could also present itself while you are watching a video like the one below.

An inspirational video on remembering our dreams

Whichever way it comes to you it is said that the wisest thing to do, is to work on that thing which it inspires you to do promptly. That way the fire still burns inside and the excitement you have at that moment makes the obstacles look like tasty popsicles. Who wouldn't want that with the current heat in Nairobi.

Imagine if we all looked at the obstacles we will face while following our passions as opportunities. Opportunities to make improvements in different areas in our lives. Life would be beyond amazing right? We would have creative professions coming up everyday based on what people love to do and fewer people would be dissatisfied at their places of work.

I believe that it is when we truly understand this that we will be able to touch peoples lives.Reason being, when we are passionately working on what we love doing,there are people who will receive their little spark just by watching us.

Another inspirational video on finding our calling.

I wish you well in your pursuit of this spark and I hope that this post has paved way for its ignition. Thank you for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment. Cheers!!

Wendi Mutisya

Video credits:
Ahmed Ismail YouTube Channel
Ben Lionel Scott YouTube Channel


Felix Ochieng Okil said...

Wow...Good Piece n quite inspiring and motivating.. Thank You Wendi

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hey Felix thank you :).I am glad you liked the piece.

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