Mama Freida Brown

Shall I compare you to the Queen Bee? The mother of most if not all. So loved that your legacy is and will always be fiercely protected by many.

Or shall I compare you to the butterfly? The beautiful flying gem. All so marvelous yet so humble. The color of your wings magnificent yet somehow able to camouflage and deter the potential predator pride.

With the Grace of the Queen Bee for 21years you have led the swarm of USIU "NewBees" from their first year to their senior year leaving them fully developed, armed and ready to take on what life brings their way.

Like the butterfly dances in the wind. We will remember the ease with which you would break into dance as we celebrated together. The image of you dancing as we celebrated the previous Freida Brown day still vivid in many of our minds.

Although the comparison to these two beautiful creatures has been fun, you were a perfect example of the true potential of human beings. Juggling between being the great Vice Chancellor you were and serving in several other demanding capacities such as being a member in boards and chairing a couple of associations like the Kenya Association of Private Universities.

Robin Sharma the author of The Leader Who Had No Title clearly penned my thoughts when he wrote... "you don't have to have a title to be a leader. You just need to be a living human being. That's enough. That's all it takes. Because every single one of us alive in the world today has unrecognized powers and disowned potential that are far superior to the power conferred by a title.Once you learn to awaken and then apply those powers, every element of your life will explode into success. Leadership then becomes automatic the default at which you work and play. You'll know of no other way to be."

I believe this is how you've lived and will continue living even after USIU. So as you move back to your motherland we wish you well. I believe I speak for everyone when I say we will; miss seeing you walk around Campus , miss your enthusiasm and most of all miss seeing you dance during our various functions :-).

This post was inspired by you Mama Freida as well as Nashon and the rest of the ‪‎Caribbean date‬ USIU Radio team members Givens, Victor and Latisha who asked me to draw you. They wanted to bid you farewell with a gift and I am glad you liked it. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity and thank you Mama for everything :-).
From the left:Victor, Givens, Nashon, Mama Freida and Latisha

Until next time.
Wendi Mutisya.


Joy Ruguru said...

I see what you did there with the usiu newbees, hehe. What a simple and beautiful tribute :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hahaha yeah it was fun making comparisons to Bees and Butterflies. I am glad you liked it.

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