The Power of the Nation Within

What better Nation to be a citizen of than imagination. A place you are free to be yourself. Where you wake up to live your dreams rather than sleep and watch them get drowned like darkness in the break of dawn.

Deja-vu! To many it is an instance where you feel like you are reliving a past experience. I think it is a situation where a human being experiences something they imagined subconsciously in their past. Since the picture they saw was so vivid they feel like they are reliving it when they physically experience it for the first time.

I believe in the power of imagination. I think it is one of the greatest gifts we got from our Creator in order for us to be co-creators.I cannot think of a better way to emphasize this than through Bob Proctors words "If you see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand". Think of the great inventions of all time. Now imagine if one of those great inventors decided to be realistic and continue doing what we sometimes tend to do. That is talk ourselves out of pursuing those brilliant visions we have of our future.There are so many things we would not be able to do today if that happened.

I believe that we are all connected and that this connection is so deep, that what one person does creates a ripple effect that finally comes back to them. I mean picture Thomas Edison after he just found out how to light up a bulb, then picture the Wright brothers using his invention along with other great inventions to come up with an airplane and finally picture the great great great! grandchildren of these inventors enjoying these inventions.

We live off each other and it is those who dare to be the best versions of themselves that affect the world positively. These are the people who heed to the call of their dreams and use their failures as lessons.To most modern artists the word imagination goes hand in hand with animation. We have Walt Disney to thank for making our childhood exciting. His determination was and still is a source of inspiration. It must have been very disappointing when he got fired under the claim that he lacked creativity.

However,his strong belief in himself and what he was capable of doing made him overlook that minor setback.I had difficulty remembering some theoretical details of Art when I was in high school and as a result my grades got affected. I would probably be in Art school right now were it not for that. His story along with many other peoples stories keep me going. Besides, as Steve Jobs would say "All the dots connect in the future".I don't think I would have thought of becoming an animator if I had gone to Art school because that way I would not have met my fellow "proud to be geeks" :)" who suggested that I combine my Art and IT skills.

I envision a future where African tales can be told and illustrated by animations made by Africans for Africans and the World at large. I am glad that we are already on our way to realizing this dream as Kenyans owing to the Tinga Tinga tales that used to be aired on Citizen TV and Disney Junior. We have more talent and capacity since then to create even more and with the introduction of digital TV in our households,I would like to say the sky is not the limit anymore.

Until next time.
Wendi Mutisya


purity maina said...

Beautiful article

Joy Ruguru said...

Lovely post Wendi! Keep on writing and imagining :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you dear :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Oh and yeah! I will definitely keep on imagining :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thanks for the compliment Purity ;)

Kathini Mutisya said...

Awesome article Ndaxndax,way to go girl

Wendi Mutisya said...

Hahaha thanks Katheethee.

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