If You Follow Your Heart Life is a Work of Art

Have you looked at an amazing picture you took and wondered how life would be if you decided to become a professional photographer? Imagine how nice it would be to travel far and wide to take pictures of your clients in celebratory mode. Either ushering in a new family member :) a baby or an in-law, or thanksgiving after a friend or family member graduates,gets promoted or starts a successful business.Life would have an interesting kind of uncertainty and thrill to it right?

Well that is what AIESEC has been to me for the past two years, a fun filled journey literally filled with hills and valleys owing to my exchange experience in Rwanda and to conferences I attended in Kenya's Great Rift Valley. This time round I did not imagine what would happen if I became a photographer. I embodied the idea by doing to my level best what I think a professional photographer does, and that is take great pictures.

In my element

Bonding with my camera

If AIESEC is a new word to you I am more than pleased to explain what it is. AIESEC is a movement lead by young people in 133 countries.It started after the second world war in order to create peace by developing the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships.This way AIESEC places it's confidence in the youth who are the future leaders and the people who will enhance and maintain peace on earth.On a lighter note.AIESECers are the most passionate and fun people I have interacted with so far.Through AIESEC I have built a network of friends from across the globe. This is just a glimpse of what AIESEC really is.If you want to know more you can check out our website here.

My AIESEC volunteer experience further enhanced my photography practice. I went to Rwanda where I fell in love with the hilly terrain immediately the bus I was using crossed the Uganda Rwanda border. The fact that I traveled from Kenya to Rwanda by bus made the experience all the more exciting. I got to see so many things,take pictures and make numerous comparisons.When I got to Kigali I couldn't help but notice the beauty of it's sunrise.

                                                             The sunrise through my bedroom window in Nyarutarama Kigali.

Throughout my time in Rwanda I looked for artwork as well as sources of inspiration that would help me improve on my art.I am pleased to say that I saw lots and I even got to meet a local artist working on a mural. His raw talent and the fact that he is a self taught artist made him even more intriguing. He was so friendly and willing to answer my questions despite the fact that he had to stop working on the mural for a while. I had a folder with my art work in it that day and I was excited to show a fellow artist my work. In a land so foreign to me I had found someone who spoke my kind of language, the language of art and my oh my wasn't I happy.

                                                                         Isaro working on his craft

                                                                         Standing outside a building adorned by a beautiful mural

                                                                         Up to some mischief in a curio shop ;)

I have AIESEC to thank for the amazing experience I had in Rwanda.Isaro is now a great friend although it has been a while since we talked.Thanks to the encouragement I received from him and others during my exchange experience I was able to finish a portrait I was working on.The person I drew happens to be an awesome professional photographer called Stephen Ouma and you can check out his work here . I am pleased to announce that I am bringing color into my artwork. I want to breathe more life to my pieces so you can follow me in order to see the new pieces I will be working on and to get to know about the person I am drawing next :).

A Portrait of Stephen Ouma

Until next time

Wendi Mutisya


Joy Ruguru said...

That sunrise is beautiful! Great shot Wendi. Professional photographer could be in your future ;)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Joy... I know right :) the future is what we make it.

Joy Ruguru said...

I totally agree.

Stella Sewe said...

Good one Wendi

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Stella :)

Unknown said...

I loved the piece. Long time... I see you've been up nd about doing wonderful things and meeting wonderful people. keep going at it.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I am glad you loved the piece :)

Unknown said...

Am Proud of you Wendy..

Wendi Ndaki said...

Thank you Koros.

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