The Treasures of Taping into Your Child Self

Children have an imagination and creativity that is simple yet amazing.

I have always loved watching cartoons. My mother told me that when I watched them as a child I would be so engrossed that I could not hear someone call out my name. I still love watching cartoons I even watch them more than my younger siblings do. I owe the discovery of my artistic talent to watching them.

As a child I would draw my favorite cartoons and with time I got really good at drawing them. Fortunately, I went to a High school that offered classes in Art and Design because that way I got my talent nurtured. I dream of the day I will get to watch my own animations make a difference in people’s lives.

Nowadays, there’s a lot to be learnt and educational animated videos or tutorials help reduce the stress that comes with reading huge amounts of text. A simple animated video explaining a particular concept in Physics for instance will be easier to understand than reading through plain text with nothing visual to illustrate.

Do you know about Mavis Beacon? Well for those who don’t, it’s a software that is designed to train people how to type fast. It is a combination of games and animated tutorials on the basics of typing. A few years back I was fascinated by people who could not only type fast but who could type fast without looking at the keyboard.

It was until I saw someone in my class use Mavis Beacon that I sighed with relief. I had finally found an opportunity to learn how to type fast. Today I can type fast and I can do it eyes closed with utmost accuracy. I bet you are wondering why I shared this with you, just keep on reading and you will soon find out.

Games are a result of the fusion of art and IT (Information Technology). I used to consider computer games a child’s thing, a waste of time, something you do when you have absolutely finished doing the important stuff. However, after using Mavis Beacon I became a staunch promoter of games and I acknowledge my previous ignorance.

Games can help improve an individual in very many ways. There are games designed to improve a person’s memory. For instance a group of adults between the ages of 60 and 85 were recruited to play a game called NeuroRacer for 12 hours over a month. Six months after playing the game, they were better at multitasking, retained more information in a short period of time and had a stronger attention span.

Fast-paced video games typically require quick thinking to avoid being killed. In real-life situations, active gamers have a better sense of what is going on around them and are able to make decisions faster.

Endless hours spent in front a computer screen generally does not lead to weight loss. However, a new breed of video games, called “exergames,” that pair virtual worlds with exercise could get people who are less inclined to workout to start moving.

According to a study from the University of Iowa,playing brain-teasing games for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process. I hope I have won many to my side now, that is, those who were negative about games like I was.

I am an IT major who is passionate about Art. I have a dream of starting an Animation Company that will help children and adults alike understand different concepts through amazing animations and games. I keep dreaming and working on my knowledge in animations and gaming and one day who knows :).

Wendi Mutisya.


Jude M said...

my child self :)

Wendi Mutisya said...

Yes your child self . It's even easier for you being the last born in your family :).

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