5 Tips on Boosting your Online Presence from Social Media Week Nairobi

I still remember the first day I heard about facebook. It was a couple of years back, at a family gathering.

"Are you on facebook?" she asked. She is my in-law and I remember wondering what this book was about. To avoid embarrassment I chose not to ask what it was  , so I said no and quickly changed the subject.

Looking back it is amazing to see how social media technology has evolved. This time round "we" I mean the bunch that was like me and the general public know most, if not all the cool social media platforms around.

Question is, do we know how to make the most out of these platforms?

Well I feel I can do better with my own online presence that is why over the past few weeks I have been in pursuit of these very important skills. These social media marketing skills.

 So when I learnt about the Social Media Week that was taking place in 13 cities across the world Nairobi being one of them. I made sure I was not left out of the action

Seeing that I have not written  anything techy for a while now. I felt sharing my experience at the Social Media Week event would be a great place to start.

Before we go straight to those tips. Let me give you some background info on SMWinairobi. It was organized by Go gaga Experiential and was held in Kenya International Convention Center (KICC) as well as in Strathmore University concurrently.

It was the first of it's kind in Kenya and Africa at large seeing that Kenya was the only African Country hosting the event this year. 

That said lets get down to business  I got the following tips from some of the panelists. They are simple, relevant and very effective for individuals as well as business owners.

1. Consistency across the platforms.
Consistency is key and one way to be consistent is to ensure your name is the same in all your social media platforms. 
Olive an Image Consultant and the Editor-in- Chief of the COUTURE Africa Magazine   gave an example of herself. Her handle across all platforms is Olive Gachara. Her actual name. 
You can use a variation of your name if it is already taken but remember to keep it consistent across the platforms.
That way anyone interested in contacting you will get you easily. There are countless opportunities you can get out of that, especially when you are building your brand online. The age of using our aliases on some platforms and our real names on others is long gone. 
Consistency also applies to the frequency at which you post on your different online platforms.

2. Be active while saving time
Am I the only one that finds managing my social media accounts very time consuming? 
It is also very easy to get sucked up in the online conversations while your intention was to post something and go back to finish an important task. 
Hootsuite is a secure web based platform you can use to  manage as many as 100 of your social media accounts from a central point. I recently started using the Hootsuites 30 day free version and I am so impressed that I am contemplating going Pro. 
Of course that means parting with some of my money but again I think it will be worth the sacrifice. 
If you are interested in becoming a digital marketing expert you can also do the Hootsuite online courses and get certified. 

3. Define your social media marketing goals
This is more relevant to the person who has a business and is using social media to market it. Do you want to make people aware of your brand or are you building brand loyalty?
Awareness is great but at the end of the day a business person would like to make some sales. So conversion should also be among your major goals.
Mandi Sarro the owner of the blog Miss Mandi Throwdown said she is looking to partner with brands to help facilitate conversions. Through partnering or collaborating with other brands it is possible to give your audience discounts and coupons encouraging sales.

4. Use emotion and tell stories with your brand
Christopher Madison one of the panelists and a Digital strategist had the following to say, " Understand the true emotion behind your brand and when creating content tell a story and include  your audience in the story" 
What is juicy and interesting about your brand? and how does it relate to the day to day activities of your audience?
When you connect the emotions your brand evokes and the stories that relate your brand to what people are doing. You are bound to get more engagement on your social media posts which will eventually lead to conversions.

5. Use data to build your brand love
Fredrick Wambua one of the panelists put it well when he said " Data is love made in numbers". Social Media Marketing is about data and profiling clients. There's lots of data on the web and it only takes a bit of research to push you towards the right direction when it comes to creating relevant and interesting content for your target audience.
Google analytics and inbuilt social media tools such as facebook insights are examples of ways you can collect relevant data.
You can also look for information on what's trending and ride on it.

There's lots more I learnt from the event but again I can only share so much. At the very least I hope you gained a thing or two from the tips above and that you will try and implement them and make your digital footprints more pronounced.Thanks for staying with me till this point and I wish you all the best as you share what matters most to you online.

Wendi Mutisya


Fred Anyona said...

I love this post and the tips couldn't be more precise...
I feel like I was part of the event regardless of not being present.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Freddie :).

Kathini Mutisya said...

Interesting read Ndaki.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Kathee.

Joy Ruguru said...

Thank you for sharing the social media tips Wendi. I think it's time to jump on the Hootsuite bandwagon

Alicia James said...

Blogging about this right away

Wendi Mutisya said...

Yes yes, please do Joy. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Great Alicia we need to spread the word :).

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Good point. Client feedback is also key.

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Hey Tim, thank you for your kind words. I will definitely share more similar posts in the future.

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Maria Melo. I am really glad my articles have that effect on you.

Bree said...

Wonderful insights !

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Bree :)

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Richard, glad this piece gave you what you were searching for.

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Sanjana.

Tim Otis said...

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Otis.

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you.

Millie Watts said...

Like with anything you do to market your business online, it’s always important to understand the pros and cons of target marketing before getting started.

Ishu Sathya said...

Great tips to get online presence for my business. I am going to implement those tips to my business. Digital Marketing Course in Chennai | Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Ishu, I'm glad you will.

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thank you Ryan.

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Thanks, Santhu I will.

David B. Williams said...

Best post

Wendi Mutisya said...

Thanks David.

Adrian khan said...

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Wendi Mutisya said...

Hello, thank you Adrian.

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